What should you order at the half way house?


In our biggest questions answered series, we decided to find out - what SHOULD you order at the half way house? 

Your biggest worry shouldn't be whether to pair your bacon bap with ketchup or brown sauce, but whether you should be eating one at all, as our expect thinks making it the norm could hinder your ability to make a full rotation in the golf swing. 

Sports Nutritionist Matt Lovell believes there is nothing wrong with a treat, as long as they don't become the norm.

"Snacks like bacon sarnies, pasties, sausage rolls and confectionery are what I call five per cent foods," explains Lovell, whose clients include Premier league sides Swansea City FC and Bournemouth FC.

"If you eat these foods more than five per cent of the time, I do believe they will cause you harm because they contain high levels of sodium, sugar and bad fats."

"Often, they are made using hydrogenated and vegetable oils which not only raises cholesterol, but also increases levels of in ammation. In other words, it will make you feel bloated and uncomfortable, which could then hinder your ability to make a full rotation in the golf swing."

Instead, Lovell recommends giving the halfway house a miss and stockpiling your bag with these portable, healthy snacks. Don't blame us, we're just the messengers. 

▪︎ Homemade granola bars or flapjacks: Minus the added preservatives and re ned sugar, they are much healthier than shop-bought confectionery and will also save you a load of cash.

▪︎ Nuts: If you combine healthy fats with carbs, you get something called a parachute effect, which will prevent you from getting a sugar crash.

▪︎ Fruit: A banana or apple is packed full of simple sugars which provide an immediate source of glucose and fructose – two major sources of fuel for the brain. Benefits include improved mental alertness and concentration and reduced fatigue.