Why you should make better use of the course for practice


Here's how to make better use of the course for practice, and why it will help your game

This tip comes from TG Top 50 coach Simon Payne, Cowglen GC, Glasgow

Golf is one of the few sports where its players tend to make practice significantly easier than the actual game itself. Whether it's hitting balls from a constantly at artificial surface, protected by the elements or hitting the shots and clubs we are already good at, we've all done it.

So to make 2018 your best season ever, use the course to make practice more difficult than the real thing. Here are four ways to do it:

Worst Ball Scramble
This can be done on your own or with a friend. On your own, hit two balls from each spot. Rather than playing the best, which we invariably do, play the worst. Continue to do this until the hole is completed.

Stretch The Course
Ideally, play from the medal tees whenever you can. But if your club doesn't permit this, play from the tee of the day but hit a shorter club that leaves a longer approach. That way you get familiar with hitting from further out, and in competition your confidence doesn't get deflated through hitting much longer clubs.

No Gimmes
Very simple, but when you're out playing on your own don't give yourself anything. Putt everything out and count every shot.

No Mulligans/ Second Serves
When playing on your own, it is very tempting to hit another ball if you're not too happy with the first attempt. Though hitting another shot allows you the opportunity to try again and improve your method, it is not what we are allowed to do during a competition. See how disciplined you can be by only allowing yourself one shot and one shot only.