• Justin Rose: 7 Ways to hit it pure

    Monday, 8 October 2018

    Justin Rose: 7 Ways to hit it pure  Known as one of the Tour's 'flushers', Justin Rose has been an elite ball-striker for more than a decade. Working with coaches Sean Foley and Justin Buckthorp to improve his swing technique and physical conditioning, he has been able to keep up with the new generation of power hitters that play the game in...

  • Tommy Fleetwood: My 5 Tips for lower Scores

    Monday, 8 October 2018

    Tommy Fleetwood: My 5 tips for lower scores A selection of my favourite lessons to help you in all areas of the game. 1. I try to use as little loft as possible for any shot around the green. I like to see amateurs using fairways or utility woods to chip. Using a lofted wedge demands a lot of skill and precision.

  • Tips from Europe's Ryder Cup Team

    Monday, 8 October 2018

    Golf Tips: Learn from Europe's winning Ryder Cup team We've put together a selection of the best tips from several of the 2018 European Ryder Cup squad to help you with your game.  Whether it's match play tips from Ian Poulter, ball-striking advice from Henrik Stenson or a short-game masterclass from Jon Rahm, there's plenty of advice from the victorious team in...

  • Ian Poulter: 8 Match play tips

    Monday, 8 October 2018

    Ian Poulter's 8 Match play tips: 'Try to hole everything, be aggressive and never give up in matchplay' Ian Poulter returned to the European Ryder Cup team for the first time since 2014 in Paris this year, winning two points for the victorious side that included defeating World No.1 Dustin Johnson in his singles match on Sunday.  'The Postman' has always embodied the...

  • Mind Games: Why failure is the key to success

    Thursday, 4 October 2018

    This piece comes from TG Top 50 Coach Karl Morris: Karl has worked with major winners including McDowell and Oosthuizen. 'Lowering expectations is the first step to reassessing your relationship with failure': A piece of why failure on the golf course is the key to success Despite the very best efforts of golfers, coaches and equipment manufacturers, golf remains essentially a game...