How to turn in the golf swing


How to turn in the golf swing.

All you have to do to build a better top-of-the-backswing position is move your upper body in two different directions. When you understand both, you can start to build a backswing that will give you better balance, rotation and power.

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1. Bend sideways

Stand upright, with your hands and arms across your chest as shown. If you are a right-handed golfer, bend to your left… as far as is comfortable. Do not allow your right or trail hip to pop out.


2. Rotate

Return your upper body to upright. Now simply rotate it through 90°. Aim to do this around a fixed point; your head and lead shoulder should fall broadly in line with your belt buckle.

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3. Blend the two 

Work through both those moves separately. Once they begin to feel natural, start blending them into one, unified motion. It will help you feel a strong, centred rotation and train great core mechanics for your backswing.

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