• Lee Westwood: "Think smarter to play better golf"

    Written by Rob Jerram on Monday, 20 January 2020

    Race to Dubai winner Lee Westwood on how his experiences can help you think smarter and play better From advice on how to master the basics to more specific pointers on putting and short game, 25-time European Tour winner Lee Westwood shares seven of his best tips to help you get better at golf.  Related: Lee Westwood - My 25 Years on...

  • Eight ways you can use your towel in practice

    Written by David Armitage on Wednesday, 8 January 2020

    Help improve stability, rotation and train your movement with these eight drills One of golf's best training aids is dangling off the rim of your bag. From tee to green, here are eight ways you can put your bag towel to better use. Related: Lower your scores with strategy tips from the world's best golfers These tips come from TG Top 50 David Armitage:...