• How to stop fatting your golf irons

    Written by Andy Gordon on Friday, 7 May 2021

    Too much hip rotation in the golf downswing is a common cause of heavy (or fat) iron shots. Here’s how to avoid it... 1. Top of backswing The best golfers shift the lead knee and hip towards the target even before the club starts changing direction into the downswing. The weight is moving forwards before you’ve really completed the backswing. RELATED: Best Golf...

  • How to lower your golf scores in five easy steps

    Written by Duncan Lennard on Thursday, 22 April 2021

    Using Shot Scope data, golf pro Adrian Fryer reveals where amateurs lose the most shots and shares simple drills to help you play better golf and lower your scores. We all have ideas about how we play golf, and where we lose shots… but how accurate are they? Thanks to modern shot data technology, we now know. Leaving approach shots shy of...

  • Me and My Golf: Lower your scores with our best-ever golf tips

    Written by Michael Catling on Monday, 8 March 2021

    Me and My Golf, You Tube's most-popular golf coaches, share their best-ever tee-to-green tips and fixes to help make this your best season on the course ever. When they’re not busy coaching European Tour star Aaron Rai, Piers Ward and Andy Proudman spend their days filming content and fixing the swings of everyday golfers. JUMP TO TIPS: Long game | Iron Play |...