• Driving tips with Koepka's coach Claude Harmon

    Monday, 20 May 2019

    The man who fine-tunes the swings of DJ and Koepka has some advice to improve your driving As a third-generation coach, Claude Harmon has had a hard time living up to his family's name. Much has been made of his dad coaching Tiger for 11 years and taking him to World No.1, but less has been said about Claude's grandfather winning The...

  • 11 ways to improve your ironplay

    Thursday, 25 April 2019

    11 Great ways to improve your ironplay  Technology presents a clear picture to the club golfer. Arccos stats show how our handicap level is at the mercy of our ability to hit greens; they also reveal an ugly tendency to come up short, and how a lack of clubface control sees us miss both sides. GC Quad impact data reveals the...

  • Ironplay: Where amateurs go wrong

    Thursday, 18 April 2019

    Ironplay: Where's the problem? The stats show us where amateurs go wrong Since 2014, the Arccos shot-tracking system has given the club golfer the opportunity to analyse and understand their performance like never before. Individual sensors screwed into the butt of each club send data to your smartphone, and work with your phone's GPS system to record and chart your performance with...