A-Z Putting (C): Claw Grip


Claw Grip… could switching help your putting?

This tip comes from Top 50 Teacher Gareth Johnston Calcot Park, Berkshire PGA Professional and Director of Golf at Calcot Park

With Claw grippers Tommy Fleetwood, Justin Rose and Sergio Garcia rolling Europe to victory in last autumn’s Ryder Cup, the hold is becoming increasingly accepted and practised. And no wonder; in reducing the in uence of the lower, often dominant hand it can transform your stroke from an awkward, hands-driven action into one in which the arms and shoulders drive a smoother, more pendulum-like action.

1. Pendulum Pusher

In the Claw, the trail hand is mostly off the grip with just the index finger and thumb cradling and stabilising the club. Consider the inside of the trail knuckle as a pressure point; it is in the ideal position to push the pendulum through. The lead hand is in a neutral position, the back of it looking up the target line.

2. Total Control

The true benefit of the Claw is felt as you swing through. Rather than two wrestling hands leading the face, delofting it and slowing it down, control of the stroke is passed on to the arms and shoulders.

As that trail knuckle pushes the club through, the handle effectively slows while the head is allowed to release. This means a more stable face and controlled acceleration. If you struggle with either of those, give the Claw a go.

claw grip

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