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Putter Fitting: Why finding the right length of putter for you is so important

This tip comes from Chris Trott, Director of Global Tours, Taylormade

Putter fitting has come a very long way in the last few years. Much of the progress can be attributed to the latest crop of high-tech launch monitors and software which enable engineers, scientists and club fitters to see what happens at, and just after impact.

TaylorMade, who’ve made massive strides in the putter market, reckon the tech (at TG we use a Foresight GC Quad launch monitor for putting analysis) allows top players to see what happens during their stroke and a putter fitting can do the same for you.

TaylorMade’s global tour putter guru, Chris Trott, tells us that DJ, Rory, Jason Day and Jon Rahm (left) all make at least an annual visit to the company’s high-tech putting lab and fitting centre called The Kingdom in Carlsbad, California, just to keep their clubs in check.

He told us: “It’s one of the best rooms ever created for fitting golf equipment. A Gears Sports analysis system inside enables us to see everything about a player’s putting stroke, and how the ball reacts to different putters, faces, hosel designs… 

“When it comes to fitting, though, everyone’s individual, and goes about fitting very differently. So where Jon Rahm doesn’t want to see the data until his session is over (as he feels he’ll manipulate the putter to influence the numbers), Jason Day, even after fitting, insists on checking his putter’s loft and lie with me every week out on tour.”

After fitting the game’s best for years, Trott’s best piece of advice for amateurs buying a new putter is to get the right length. Rahm for example has a 36 ¾in shaft, which is 1¾in longer than standard.

“Length dictates the path the putter goes on,” adds Trott. “It can also help players release the putter more easily, too.”

Trott’s Top Tips

Decide if your stroke is straight back-and-through or more arcing.

If you go straighter, go for a shorter putter and get your eyes over the ball. If you want to stand taller and get the putter to arc around your body, don’t be afraid to go longer

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