A-Z Putting (W): Warm Up With Purpose


Warm Up: Arriving early will give you a head start on the greens

Sorry to disappoint you but dropping a few balls down five minutes before your tee time isn’t a warm-up.

You might as well keep munching on that bacon butty instead, because you’re never going to learn anything about the pace of the greens without a little bit of application and discipline.

You need to have some kind of structure, which is why we’ve broken down Tiger’s warm-up routine from last year’s Hero World Challenge so you can start holing out like a 14-time – sorry, 15-time – Major champion in your next club medal.

Tiger’s Pre-Round Routine: Minute by Minute

01:15 Arrives 75 minutes before his tee time and marks 12 balls, drawing an alignment line on each one.

01:12 Drops six balls on the green and rolls his first putts of varying length from inside 15 feet.

01:11 Moves to six feet and rolls putts using his right hand only to build feel and find a straight putt.

01:10 Sets up a gate using two tees, just wide enough for his putter head to pass through. Continues rolling putts using just his right hand.

01:09 Switches to both hands and rolls putts six at a time.

01:05 Removes tees, tosses four balls back to his caddie (you might not have that luxury so chuck them in your bag) and rolls two putts from 10 feet.

01:04 Lags two mid-range putts and then two long putts, holing out each time.

01:02 Drills four short putts from different angles.

01:01 Finishes with two more mid-range and long-range putts.

00:59 Heads to the driving range.

00:18 Returns to the putting green and drills a dozen putts from 10-15 feet.

00:13 Lags six long putts, uphill and downhill.

00:10 Holes two putts from inside six feet, drills two putts from mid-range, and finishes with a couple of four-footers.

00:08 Walks to the first tee. 16 one handed putts 71 putts inside 15 feet 101 total putts hit

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