20 Questions: Beef


20 Questions: Andrew 'Beef' Johnston on his love of Troon, Arsenal, Muhammad Ali and Will Ferrell

When did you first shoot under par?
Oh, man! It has to be when I was about 15 or 16.

Highlight of your career so far?
Winning last year's Spanish Open at Valderrama followed by my strong showing at the 2016 Open at Troon.

Best shot hit so far?
I would have to say the 5-iron into 17 at Valderrama. I hit a lovely shot in there – I was so pumped up I was surprised it went long – and followed up with a terri c chip.

Favourite individual hole?
The Postage Stamp at Troon – it's an incredible par 3.

If you could have one mulligan?
Probably at last year's Open, the par-5 4th hole. I was just in the rough on the right side but had a decent lie and I hit the most pure shank you'll ever see straight on to the beach!

Favourite UK course?
Cor man! That's a tough one. I really did enjoy Troon last year – I love that place. 7 Favourite course worldwide? Leopard Creek in Kruger National Park in South Africa, it's spectacular and special.

Best view in golf?
There's a couple and they're both in Scotland: Kingsbarns is very special and so is Castle Stuart further up the coast.

Favourite sports team?
Arsenal, although it can be a bit frustrating watching them at times. It was great to see the Gunners lift the FA Cup last season

Favourite club in the bag?
Driver without a doubt. I just love it!

Sportsman you most admire?
Boxing legend Muhammad Ali – what he did in his career was absolutely incredible.

Sportswoman you most admire?
Not so easy, but I'll have to go for Serena Williams who has been such a dominant force in women's tennis.

Favourite movie?
Step Brothers, starring Will Ferrell, without a shadow of doubt. Hilarious.

Not to be missed TV programmes?
The Wire, great programme, along with Breaking Bad and The Sopranos.

Favourite musician/band?
I'm a big fan of hip hop and spoken word and love Scroobius Pip and B. Dolan.

Best mate on Tour?
I'm struggling to single just one out...I get on well with everyone.

Favourite holiday destination?
I enjoy going back home to Jamaica which is always cool. A lovely place.

Who would be in your dream foursome?
Will Ferrell, Thierry Henry and comedian Romesh Ranganathan who once had me in stitches.

And your ideal Tour fourball?
It has to be Boo Weekley, John Daly and Michael Lorenzo-Vera.

Finally, any superstitions?
No, none at all. No putting my left shoe on first, or my right, or anything like that.