Louis Oosthuizen: The Golf Test


Just how much do you have in common with the world's top golfers? On the tee this month... nine time European Tour winner Louis Oosthuizen

Have you ever come close to missing your tee time?

I nearly missed one at the Players three or four years ago, because my caddie went to the wrong tee. He got mixed up, thinking we were off the first when we were off the 10th. He rocked up with a minute to go, sweating. He made an excuse, but I said: “Don’t lie to me, you went to the wrong tee didn’t you?” He then confessed.

TG Score: Birdie 

Have you ever had a hole-in-one?

I’ve had six. One was at Augusta in 2016. My ball went in off JB Holmes’ ball on the 16th. That same year at The Open I had another on the 14th at Royal Troon. But I’ve never won anything for any of them.

TG Score: Birdie

Have you ever taken double-digits on one hole?

As a professional, I’d say, no. I’ve had an eight on a par 3 before. That was only three years ago at Leopard Creek in South Africa. I chipped into the water, went to the drop zone and went in the water again!

TG Score: Par

Have you ever missed a putt from less than two feet?

Yes. I went to tap in a little 10-inch putt. I was stood awkwardly, and didn’t really want to do it but the ball was so close. I should have done it one-handed, but held the putter with both hands and then missed the hole completely. 

TG Score: Birdie

Have you ever broken a club in anger?

Mostly when I’m playing casual golf. I get way more aggressive when I’m playing against mates for $20. I can’t lose to them. I’d much rather lose to anyone else than a friend. I broke an 8-iron the other day, actually. In casual golf, I’m working on certain shots and when they don’t come off, that’s when I might break something. 

TG Score: Birdie 

Have you ever hit a shank during a tournament?

Oh yeah, loads. I remember a 2-iron I hit somewhere, on a par 5, and it went about 70 yards, short right. But I still made par.

TG Score: Par 

Have you ever shot a 59 or better?

I had a 57 at Mossel Bay Golf Club in South Africa. That was back in 2002. It’s a par 72, so I was 15-under. Eleven birdies and two eagles. That was a good day! In 2004, I shot a 59 there as well. On tour, my best is 62 and that was at St Andrews. 

TG Score: Eagle 

Have you ever won or lost a match 10&8?

No, my biggest loss was 7&6. That was as a junior against Richard Sterne. And my biggest win was 8&7, just before I turned pro. I was still playing for my club, and the other team put their worst guy against me, almost to sacrifice him. So I thrashed him.

TG Score: Par

Have you ever had an albatross?

Yes, at Augusta. A month after that, I made another playing social golf. The one at the Masters was in 2012, No.2 on Sunday. I hit a 4-iron. I couldn’t really see it and just looked at the reaction of the crowd. That was pretty cool. I’ve had a hole-in-one at Augusta, an albatross, eagled all the par 5s and won the Par-3 contest. I just need the Green Jacket!

TG Score: Birdie

Have you ever played a prank on a fellow golfer

There are so many that I can’t even remember the specifics. We’re always doing them to each other. Me, Branden [Grace], Charl [Schwartzel]. Most of the stuff we do no one wants to talk about!

TG Score: Par

Total: -7

Did you know?:  Lodewicus Theodorus “Louis” Oosthuizen has his own wine brand, Louis 57, and owns a restaurant, Route 57, in South Africa