Jason Day: The Golf Test


Just how much do you have in common with the world’s top golfers? On the tee this month... 12-time PGA Tour winner Jason Day

Did you know? Day's first-ever golf club was a 3-wood, which his dad pulled out of a rubbish dump.

Have you ever walked off a course in frustration?

During the practice round before Majors, it can be frustrating when you're waiting to play more than nine holes. They are long rounds. But I've never walked o in anger, and the times I have were because of injury.
TG Score: Par

Have you ever shot a 59? 

No, but I've been close. I shot 60 at Mount Morgan GC, a public course in Queensland, on sandgreens. I ended up winning the 27-hole tournament with my 60 coming on the final 18. Sandgreens are pretty easy, all you have to do is chip it and it will stop pretty quickly. That's why I played so well.
TG Score: Par

Have you ever yelled "be right", only for the ball to come up 20 yards short or long?

The first time I played the 1st at Augusta I had 200 yards into the green. And the wind was blowing really hard. I love to hit my shots really high usually, but this one I hit really low – like a bullet – and it went long into the trees. I thought it was perfect in the air...
TG Score: Birdie

Have you ever had a shank? 

Yes, at The Open at Troon in 2016. I shanked it twice on the same hole in two days. It was on the 12th – a par 4 around the corner, just after the railway. I shanked my second shot way over by the grandstand and took the same drop both days.
TG Score: Birdie

Have you ever found your ball in an unusual place?

If you hit it in the crowd, like I do, you usually end up in some funny places. I hit one into someone's plastic bag full of beer one time and it was hilarious for me when I got to my second shot and saw it in there. I suppose you have to take relief at that point.
TG Score: Birdie

Have you ever had a five-putt?

No, but I had a four putt at TPC Sawgrass when I won in 2016. It was on the 6th and I remember thinking to myself, here's the first one... good putt, but that got away. Second one... that just slid by. Third putt... now, I need to make this. When that missed I couldn't believe it. Then I told myself, 'I've GOT to hole this!
TG Score: Par

Have you ever come close to missing your tee time?

A couple times growing up in Queensland. But on Tour? No, I try to be there as early as I can so I don't have to run.
TG Score: Par

Have you ever missed a putt less than two feet?

I once missed a four-incher trying to tap it back with my putter. I was leaning over and trying to flick it with my wrist, one-handed. 
TG Score: Par

Have you ever hit a shot that nished further away from where you started?

Yeah, I've done that before. I was in a bunker, trying to cut the legs out of it, and I caught it a little too clean. The pin was cut tight and it went too far into the next bunker behind the green, probably twice as far away from the hole.
TG Score: Birdie

Have you ever been stranded on the course without your weatherproofs?

Yes, but it wasn't my fault. It was my former caddie Colin's fault. We were at Doral, there was only a chance of rain, so he gave my umbrella to my old trainer. Next thing we knew it started pouring down, just as we teed off. We got soaked.
TG Score: Birdie

TG Score: -5

A strong showing from the 2015 US PGA Champion, who donated a £130,000 BMW M760i to a scholarship fund after winning it for making a hole-in-one at the 2017 BMW Championship.