LPGA winner Mel Reid: “I broke my first golf trophy!”


Shoprite LPGA Classic champion, six-time Ladies European Tour winner and Solheim Cup golfer Mel Reid tackles the TG Golf Test.

England’s Mel Reid won her maiden LPGA title at the ShopRite LPGA Classic, her 19-under par total enough to beat Jennifer Kupcho by two shots around the Bay Course at the Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf Club (watch final round highlights below).

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But would the pride of Derbyshire score so well when she tackled our Golf Test? We sat down with the 33-year-old Solheim Cup star to hear as she talked holes-in-one, on-course rows, shanks, forgetting her clubs and breaking a winner’s trophy!

Have you ever had an albatross?

Yep, at my local golf club, a place called Chevin, when I was 13 or 14. The 3rd hole is a par 5 for women, and I hit my 5-wood in the hole for a two. Nowadays I’d be hitting a driver-wedge into it.

TG score: Birdie

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Have you ever taken five off the tee?

Gosh, yes I have. At the Evian (Championship) about eight years ago now. There was one particular hole that wasn’t my best friend and I hit one right, one left, one right. I had seven off the tee and made a really good 10, I think.

TG score: Birdie

Mel Reid hits a drive on her way to LPGA victory.

Have you ever had a hole-in-one?

Yeah, I had one in January in Australia. My caddie finally got a club right after a few weeks. That was nice. As a professional I’ve had five or six, but twice I’ve had one on the only par 3 without a car as a prize!

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Have you ever won or lost a match 10&8?

In a home international. I can’t remember who it was, but I beat them 9&8 at Frilford Heath. I actually felt quite bad.

TG score: Birdie

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Mel Reid looks concerned after hitting an iron.

Have you ever shanked a shot in competition?

Yes (laughs). A few, actually. One time I was playing with Beth Allen, one of my friends, in Sicily and she shanked one in the bunker on the 4th. I was laughing so hard that I almost fell over. I was giving her stick, but then on the 9th I cold shanked it from 80 yards in front of everyone. That was karma for me laughing at her.

TG score: Birdie

Have you ever played a round of golf left-handed?

Definitely. I actually really enjoy it and think it’s good for right-handers to play left-handed sometimes. One player who is phenomenal doing that is Sophie Gustafson. She used to be a scratch golfer playing left-handed and would even play in tournaments at her local golf club.

TG score: Par

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Have you ever lost or broken a winner’s trophy?

Yes. The first tournament I ever won in Turkey in 2010, I broke that trophy. I brought it back to my mum and dad’s and as soon as I got home I dropped it. My mum actually ended up sticking it all back together. It’s still on the mantelpiece, but it’s not the prettiest of trophies anymore.

TG score: Birdie

Have you ever played a round of golf while hungover?

I have once, in Japan. Laura (Davies) was captain in a team event and we were never going to win it. She had a team meeting in the pub and we stayed a little bit longer than we needed to. I had a bit of a headache the next day and I have to say I didn’t feel the greatest.

TG score: Par

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Mel Reid has a celebratory drink of champagne at the ShopRite LPGA Classic.

Have you ever had an on-course argument with a spectator or official?

I’ve had one with a volunteer in Scotland a few years ago. I remember seeing my ball bounce right next to them, but then they claimed they never saw it… I ended up making double on the last and missed the cut by one. I was not very happy at all.

TG score: Par

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Have you ever arrived at a tournament without your golf clubs before?

One of my old caddies actually left my clubs in the hotel lobby, and it was about a 40-minute drive from the course. It was actually that time when I was in Japan and went to the pub the night before, so maybe he was more worse for wear than me. We had to get the bus back and I just made my tee time by 10 minutes. 

TG score: Birdie

A pumped up Mel Reid in Solheim Cup action.

Final scorecard: An impressive seven-under par for Mel Reid. The Solheim Cup star also claimed that she’s never broken a club in anger, but she does admit to having been disqualified in a US Open qualifier after playing badly and failing to show for her second round.

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