Golf Test: Lucas Herbert


Just how similar are you are the world's best golfers? On the tee this month... big-hitting Aussie and European Tour star Lucas Herbert

From breaking clubs in anger and his best ever round of golf to a great story behindhis favourite hole in one, get to know new Omega Dubai Desert Classic winner Lucas Herbert.

Have you ever broken a club in anger?

Plenty. Do you want a number? I did my putter after The Open last year – it hadn't looked after me over the final three holes – and I basically rearranged my locker with it. It was at right-angles when I was done... but I had to use it the next week, so the guys had to straighten it out and put the grip back on. It was a bit embarrassing really.

Have you ever won or lost a match 10&8?

No, 7&6 is my biggest win. I did watch Cam Smith beat Nathan Holman at an Aussie Interstate Series in 2013 down in Tasmania. Nath was one-under and he lost 9&8!

Have you ever won a big-money match?

I played in one back home where one of my mates bet that I'd win and there was about $200 on the line, but it wasn't my own cash. I won it on the last, so he was pretty happy – and I was pretty popular.

Have you ever hit five off the tee?

Yes, I took seven off the tee in the Players Amateur in South Carolina – I just kept hitting it in a hazard down the right. I remember bogeying the final ball to make an 11, which I was pretty happy with to be honest!

Have you ever shot 59 or better?

Not on a full-length course; 61 is my best, back on my home course in Bendigo.

Have you ever shanked a shot in a tournament?

Are you kidding? Who hasn't? I'd like to meet them! I've had plenty, but I've done my best to erase them from my memory.

Have you ever missed a two-foot putt?

Oh yeah, plenty! But I've never missed one through lack of concentration; sometimes you just work them up in your head, hit it too hard or just have a nightmare moment.

Have you ever had a hole-in-one?

I've had four. My favourite was in a practice round for the Vic Open when my coach was with me. The flag was cut in a bowl in the far corner, it was downwind and I went straight at it.

My coach said: "If you play that shot in the tournament I'll kick your arse, that's stupid." When we got up there it was in the hole. That was funny.

Have you ever had an albatross?

No, never. Plenty of golf left in my life to change that, hopefully.

Have you ever played a round of golf hungover?

Plenty of those, too... I've played some of my best golf hungover.