Golf Test: Shane Lowry


How much do you have in common with the world's best golfers? On the tee this month... The Open champion Shane Lowry

Have you ever rushed to the first tee?

Yeah, my first year on tour at the French Open. I got my tee time wrong and made it by 30 seconds. I birdied the 1st which was quite good.

Have you ever had a hole-in-one?

Yes, I've had three altogether. I had one at the DP World Tour Champs playing with Rory, which was nice. I also had one at Augusta in 2016 on the 16th and got a piece of crystal. I don't know if I've still got it.

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Have you ever been disqualified?

In two amateur events, actually. I signed for the wrong score one time, and then I didn't sign my card the next time.

Have you ever had a 59 or better?

No. My best round is a 62 at the Irish Open.

Have you ever shanked a shot before?

Yes. At Valderrama. I remember that one. I ended up making a five for bogey, which was pretty good after shanking one and going in the trees.

Have you ever had an albatross before?

I've had two in my life. One when I was 19 during the Irish youths. I started birdie, birdie, albatross. Five-under through three! I went downhill from there. The other was when I was 17. It was at my home course, Esker Hills. I was five-under for the last four.

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Have you ever broken a club in anger?

A few. I once snapped a five-wood, just by holding it out in front of me. I thought that was pretty impressive.

Have you ever five-putted?

No, I've four-putted a couple of times. The most recent one was at Shinnecock during the US Open. I probably wasn't alone...

Have you ever won or lost a match 10&8?

No... I've won on the 11th before. That was a college match years ago. My opponent didn't play great.

Have you ever played a prank on a fellow golfer?

I'm sure I have. We don't prank much out on tour. It's more slagging or banter. Padraig, Paul Dunne and G-Mac are good friends, so we have a few jokes when we play and a bit of money does change hands.

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