Guide to France 2014

The British relationship with France is a tricky one to define. There is the Auld Alliance between France and Scotland, an affinity built on mutual indifference to the English. And yet, whether they like it or not, the French and English have lots in common. There are differences – from the length of time one should cook a steak to the acceptability of extra-marital affair – but there are many similarities, especially in sport. Most of what we play, they play – football, rugby union, golf… and even now a sport not even all of England plays, rugby league!

There is also grudging respect between the countries; they admire our fortitude and music, we secretly wish we were more romantic, cultured and had their summer weather. So, when we travel to France, we savour that nice mixture of experiencing something different without feeling utterly bewildered.

We can all summon up a bit of school French to order ‘deux vin rouge, s’il vous plait’ and soon forget about cheddar and stilton and start devouring copious amounts of soft cheese. We might stop short of some of the delicacies, some of the fashion and some of the music, but we always find plenty to like no matter where we travel to and for what reason.

Thousands of us travel there to ski every year and more and more of us are crossing the Channel to play golf. Yet when you start to realise the golfing riches on offer in France you might think that more of us should be following them.

That is the purpose of this special guide; to shine a light on the golf attractions of France. We take you to every area of the country in order to highlight the best on offer. We hope you enjoy this first attempt at a golfer’s guide to France and that it encourages you to follow us over the Channel with your clubs.

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Click below to read our definitive guide to France - originally published with Golf World August 2014 issue.

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