Top Golf Courses in France


Fancy a trip to France? Check out our list of the top 28 golf courses to play across the Channel, compiled from our Top 100 Golf Courses in Europe list, plus additional courses from the next 100 courses to watch. 

1. Les Bordes, Loire Valley

2. Morfontaine, Northern France

3. Le Golf National, Paris

4. Fontainebleau, Paris

5. Chantilly, Paris

6. Terre Blanche, South-East France

7. Prince de Provence, Provence

8. Seignosse, South-West France

9. Sperone, Corsica

10. Saint Germain, Paris

11. Le Touquet, Northern France

12. Chiberta, South-West France

13. St Nom La Breteche, Paris

14. Golf du Medoc, South-West France

15. Hossegor, South-West France

16. Moliets, South-West France

17. Hardelot, Northern France

18. Barbaroux, Toulon

19. Belle Dune, Northern France

20. Royal Mougins, Provence

21. Dinard, Northern France

22. Evian, South-East France

23. Granville, Normandy

24. Joyenval, Paris

25. Les Aisses, Northern France

26. Lyon, South-East France

27. Pont Royal, South-East France

28. Saint Endreol, South-East France

Don't forget the essentials - important things to remember if you're planning a golf holiday in France:

The climate

France can of course have harsh winters – it is a key ski destination after all. But it is also blessed with long, warm summers that start in May and eventually disappear in late September. Be warned though – August can be very hot, and it is also very busy as that is when the French take their holidays.

How to get there

There is no corner of France without an airport that low-cost carriers don’t go to, from Carcassone in the south to Brest in the north. But if you don’t live north of Nottingham and are not visiting anywhere south of Paris, taking the EuroTunnel and therefore your own car is very much worth considering. The ferry is a good option to Brittany and Normandy.


French is obviously the main language although there are variations in the south west. But the important thing is almost everyone in the service industry will speak English – although that is not to say having a go at some French should not be attempted... France are in the Euro, and at the moment our pound gets you quite a long way in exchange terms.

Two quick tips

If you decide to drive to France you’ll need a hi-vis vest, a GB sticker on your car (or GB on your number plate) and a red warning triangle. And don’t be concerned about how to pay for things; Visa, Mastercard and AmEx are widely accepted.

Plan your trip

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