Today's Golfer on Android

Available: Now

Android digital edition TG

Compatible devices: All tablets & phones with an Android operating system

Platform: Google Play Magazines

Link: Today's Golfer on Android 

Purchase options: Single issue / 1-month recurring sub with discount / 12-month discounted sub with free trial period.

What's on the Today's Golfer Android edition?

Today's Golfer is now available on Google Play Magazines, in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada. This means you can read Today's Golfer on any Android tablet or phone, including Samsung, Nexus, HP, Sharp, LG, Sony, ASUS… and more. And even better, get a free month’s trial period with no obligation before deciding if you want to subscribe or not.

At the moment, we’re not including any rich media content on the Android platform, but that will be coming soon. You can though take full advantage of the unique ‘text view’ option, where you can read Today's Golfer more like a book than a magazine!

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