TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC irons


RRP: £699 (s)
LOFTS 6-iron: 30, PW: 47

TECH TALK The 1025 carbon-steel clubhead is made using a five-step forging process that allows for a more precise head shape. A weight port in the back is designed to provide consistent swingweights throughout the set.


L “There’s absolutely zero vibration. It’s amazing TaylorMade can achieve that in such a small head. There’s just the right amount of progression in the offset.” ... “The look has a good balance of high-tech and tradition. It also has good workability in the short irons. I wasn’t expecting that.”

M “I don’t know if the weight screw in the back does anything, but the head feels solid at impact.”

HOT Making clubs that look good, sound great and feel like they should is a TaylorMade strength. The badge and weight in the cavity are unobtrusive and produce a feel worthy of the company’s Tour Preferred name.

NOT The finish is plain Jane. It lacks the visual distinction we expect from TaylorMade.

Performance: 4.5
Innovation: 4
Look/Sound/Feel: 4.5
Demand: 5