EGU boost for club members


The English Golf Union (EGU) has announced plans to launch an exclusive benefits package for its members in spring 2011.

The Members Benefits Package will enable golf club members to access their latest handicap plus the opportunity to take advantage of special offers, discounts and services agreed with a range of partners. All EGU members will be able to sign up to the new programme which will be simple and most importantly free to join.

EGU Chief Executive, John Petrie, commented, “We very much value golf club members and it is right that they are recognised for the important role they play in golf.

“As many clubs are finding it more difficult to recruit and retain members a programme which is free of charge to clubs and their members and offers exclusive offers and prizes, is an incredible additional value to club membership. It’s a perfect opportunity for clubs to highlight and promote the benefits of being a member.”

Created to reward golf club members for their continued support to the game at grassroots level and to the future of golf, members can see the programme as an immediate payback on their £5.25* affiliation fee through discounts and savings.

The EGU have established strong relationships within the industry enabling them to provide some excellent offers and a broad range of benefits. In addition, during the playing season there will be weekly prize draws that will include tickets to sporting events, golf equipment, holidays and opportunities to play at some of the most famous courses in England.

During 2010, clubs have been uploading their members’ handicap details to the EGU’s Central Database of Handicaps (CDH). As a result, each golfer now has their own unique ID number which allows the EGU to recognise them as a member, confirm their access to the Membership Benefits Package and identify their latest handicap. To join the programme a golfer will need to register on the EGU website.

If any club member wants to pre-register for the programme or access their membership ID they can do so now. Simply visit EGU GolfCentral,, and click ‘Find my Lifetime ID’, then fill in your details and follow the instructions provided.

If you have already registered to EGU GolfCentral? Simply log in and go to ‘Golfer Profile’ where you will be prompted to ‘Find my Lifetime ID’. Complete the information required, click ‘Find Lifetime ID’ and select your Lifetime ID from the list displayed. Your Lifetime ID will then be added to the ‘My Details’ section on your ‘Golfer Profile’.

Golf club members are often curious as to what the EGU does for them. Those members that register will be able to communicate more easily with the EGU through the members’ area of the website. The EGU will then be able to inform golf club members what the EGU is doing and how they can get even more value from their membership.

For more information on the EGU Membership Benefits Package email

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