Ping G10 launch


Today’s Golfer is today kick-starting its massive Ping G10 launch special as Ping unveils its new G10 range of irons, fairway woods, hybrids and irons.

We’ll be there first to bring you a host of behind-the-scenes detail including interviews with the designers, an exclusive first test of the clubs in action and videos getting up close and personal with the whole Ping G10 range.

Throughout this week we'll keep adding lots of behind-the-scenes info, including an amazing virtual tour of Ping’s American headquarters as we follow the creation of the first Ping G10 off the production line, seeing, first hand, how they’re made.

And that's not all either! You’ll also be able to download some amazing images to your desktop for FREE and join in the debate by telling us what you think as you see the replacement for the Ping G5 range for the first time.

Today's Golfer has the best contacts in the golf equipment industry and we aim to bring you all the new kit before anyone else and in more detail than ever before, so keep an eye on the site for more exciting new equipment launches very soon!!!

Here's Ping's official release on the new G10 range...

PING’s quest to improve golf equipment performance and lower the scores of golfers through innovation and custom fitting continues with the introduction of the Ping G10.

The new series, which includes drivers, fairway woods and hybrids, is available to golfers beginning September 1, 2007.

“Technology is moving fast and we’re finding ways to improve our products like never before,” said John Solheim, PING Chairman & CEO. “The design and research tools available to our engineers are amazing. It’s a lot of fun to be a golf club engineer right now. The Ping G10 family and our other new products are evidence of our desire to continually push technology with the goal of helping golfers lower their scores and enjoy the game more.”


Ping G10 Driver & Ping G10 Draw Driver

The 460cc G10 driver is engineered with a cast body and fully machined face from high-grade 6-4 titanium. The 460cc club head features a larger profile with a taller face and deeper crown that produces a higher moment-of-inertia for greater forgiveness and increased ball velocity.

Initial response from PING’s worldwide tour staff has been positive, with several players switching to the new driver, including Chris DiMarco and U.S. Open Champion Angel Cabrera. The long-hitting Cabrera first used the Ping G10 driver at the Barclay’s Scottish Open where he led the field in driving distance.

A Ping G10 Draw version is available to promote a right-to-left ball flight. The internal weight pad is positioned farther back and closer to the heel to help club head rotation. Together with a hosel positioned .25” farther forward, the strategically placed weight pad helps provide golfers a custom-fit option to help correct a left-to-right ball flight.

Available TFC 129D shaft flexes: Soft R, R, S and X. Also offered in Grafalloy ProLaunch Red (R, S & X) and UST V2 High Launch 65 (R, S & X).

The standard G10 driver is available in 7.5˚., 9˚, 10.5˚, 12˚ and 13.5˚ lofts. The draw version is offered in 9˚, 10.5˚, 12˚ and 13.5˚ lofts.

UK RRP is £239 per club (Graphite shaft only)


G10 and G10 Draw Fairway Woods

The Ping G10 Fairway Woods are engineered with a crown that intersects the sole to create a low profile head that combines with a shallow face for improved performance from all types of lies.

The intersection of the crown and sole results in a skirt-less design which allowed PING engineers to reposition mass for a lower center of gravity location. The low center of gravity (CG) is achieved by positioning a large weight pad on the sole. The weight pad is formed from discretionary weight repositioned from the crown, face and hosel.  The location of the CG provides higher ball velocity and reduced spin.

The shallow face is longer heel to toe to increase the effective hitting area for added forgiveness and consistency. Its low lead edge and bounce angle effectively lower the center of gravity which produces increased energy transfer and makes getting under the ball easier.

Available in 3-wood (14˚), 3 (15.5˚), 4 (17˚), 5 (18.5˚), 7 (21.5˚) and 9 (24.5˚). Draw version available in 3 (15.5˚), 4 (17˚), 5 (18.5˚) and 7 (21.5˚).

Available TFC 129F shaft flexes: Soft R, R, S and X. Also available in Grafalloy ProLaunch Red (R, S & X) and UST V2 High Launch 75 (R, S & X).

UK RRP is £165 per club (Graphite shaft only).


G10 Hybrids

The stainless steel Ping G10 hybrid is engineered with a sloped crown to create a high-launching, solid feeling, versatile alternative to mid and long irons. Six lofts provide replacement options from the 1-iron through 6-iron and fairway woods.

Discretionary weight from the crown and face is combined into a weight pad running parallel to the ground that positions the center of gravity low and back to increase launch angle and reduce spin. The variable face thickness design is machined and plasma welded for higher ball velocity and consistent response across the hitting area.

The sole design is tapered and the bounce height is increased in the higher lofted hybrids to provide performance from all conditions.

Available in 15˚, 18˚, 21˚, 24˚, 28˚ and 32˚ lofts.

Available TFC 129H shaft flexes: Soft R, R, S and X. Also offered in Grafalloy ProLaunch Red Hybrid (R, S & X) and UST V2 High Launch Hybrid (R, S & X).

UK RRP is £114 per club w/steel shaft and £129 w/graphite shaft.


PING G10 iron

The stainless steel Ping G10 irons are engineered with extreme low toe weighting to increase the moment-of-inertia for added forgiveness and consistency. The large, perimeter-weighted head features a new cavity shape and wider sole.

The centre of gravity is positioned away from the face and low in the club head to promote higher launching, lower spinning shots. By creating a new shape for the Custom Tuning Port (CTP), PING engineers stabilized the hitting area for consistent ball velocity across the club face. An elastomer CTP insert helps produce a solid feel and sound. The wide sole provides forgiving ground impact and contributes to the high launch characteristics of the G10 iron.

The G10 irons feature a stainless steel shot finish and Atomic Orange color scheme.

Available 2-9, PW, UW, SW and LW.

UK RRP is £75 per iron with PING AWT steel shaft (Soft R, R, S & X flexes) and £90 per iron with TFC 129i graphite shafts (Soft R, R & S flexes)