May2 Fatbastarddriver


Whatever next? Golf never ceases to amaze you though the imaginatively-named new FAT Bastard driver just about takes the proverbial biscuit.

The FAT Bastard, or FB for short or those who prefer clean language, claims to be the latest innovation in golf and it’s motto is: “If you have the balls, we have the club.”

Manufacturers of the FB, with its 500cc aluminium alloy head, also reckon it will “increase your driving distance (surprise, surprise) and enjoyment of the game” and that it will deliver the goods…for players of any weight and not just over-sized golfers!

Doug from New Jersey certainly found the FB easy to hit – he recently emerged victorious in a long driving competition after blasting the FB an impressive 328lbs, sorry yards.

Of course the FB is illegal and you won’t be able to give it a thrash in competitive action – the maximum limit for clubhead size is 460cc.

And although it’s pretty big, it’s small in comparison to the Golfsmith 1,000cc driver featured in the latest issue of Today’s Golfer.

The FB has a High Modulus regular graphite shaft and its other vital statistics are: 10.5 degree loft; 59 degree lie; 500cc head size; 45.5ins in length.

The fat fellow costs $106 (about £53) a time and can be obtained from or by e-mailing:



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