May18 Pinfire Putter


Pinfire putters, cool, stylish and nearly matched to your outfit!

Pinfire may be new arrivals in the equipment arena but they’re making quite a splash with their latest funky looking putters. The company’s theory is based around making every design high in moi… meaning they’re highly resistant to twisting when putts are hit off centre. Each design is precision milled from the finest grade aerospace aluminum and finished to exacting standards.

Most of the putters come in a choice of up to six funky colours, including gold, silver, red, blue and black. Each is designed with an easy to set up two-ball styled alignment system which helps place weight around the perimeter of the head, increasing forgiveness and the amount of putts you hole.

The company’s funky designs start from £99 each and are well worth checking out if you’re the type of golfer who likes something different in your bag. Visit for more information.      


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