Kramski putters


Would you pay almost £700 for a putter? Probably not unless you're a Russion Oligarch or Arab sheik but that is exactly what golf company Kramski are now offering the more discerning golfer.

The putter experts have introduced three new putters into its range for 2008 - the priciest of which comes in at over £680.

Kramski HPP 340

The HPP 340 costs £681 and  is precision-milled out of stainless steel and features a Plug & Play training aide, which allows you to change the settings of the putter to suit your game.

It will be  available in an exclusive matt mocha look together with matching Design-Cover made of the finest nappa leather from February 2008.

Kramski HPP 325 TP

Also available from that time will be the slightly more affordable HPP 325 TP: Tuned Tour Professional Malett Putter made out of aluminium with Kramski signature, precision-milled, colour-anodised finish and weight inserts of carbide. 

It's yours for the princely sum of 695 Euros or £480.

Kramski HPP 328 TP

Completing the line up is the HPP 328 TP: Precision-milled Tour Professional Malett Putter made out of aluminium, colour-anodised, with integrated high precision weight cartridges and exchangeable weight inserts.

Available from February 2008 in black, blue and silver together with matching covers made of the finest nappa leather. The price amounts to £690 including a set of two weight inserts (weight according to customer wish).

The buying process also involves a one hour fitting session with a pro to ensure you are custom fitted for your once-in-a-lifetime purchase!