new nike ic putters


Nike Golf today introduces the revolutionary new Nike iC Putters, a feat of optical engineering and club design that is set to take golf by storm.

By using optical engineering to tune the colour, shape and contrast of the entire club, the visual footprint of the club head and shaft is reduced according to Nike.  This dramatically emphasises the alignment aid, enhancing the golfer’s ability to visualise the ball track at address.

Nike Golf’s club creation team joined forces with Nike’s Optical Research Director to optimise the shape, location and contrast of the alignment aid to focus the golfer’s eyes on the putter face.  This helps square the face in relation to the hole and start your putts on line.

The distinctive, continuous green colour of the Nike iC putter shaft minimises visual noise and mutes the areas of the club that are not critical.  This enhances the focus on the alignment aid, the ball, and the line of the putt.  The club face is CNC milled flat to precise tolerances to enhance accuracy, predictability and distance control.

There are five Nike Ic putter models to choose from to suit all golfers; iC 20-10 and iC 20-10A (classic heel-toe putters); iC 20-15 and iC 20-15A (mid mallet putters); and the iC 20-20 (a large mallet putter).  All models feature an iC Putter grip by WINN and are available in 34” and 35” lengths.

Retail stores and golf shops across Europe, Middle East and Africa will carry the new Nike iC Putters from November 2007.  Available right and left handed, each of the five models will carry a suggested retail price of £120.