sept25 King Cobra L4V driver


King Cobra L4V driver
Retail: £296
Lofts: 9°, 10°, 10.5°, 12°
Contact: 01480 301114

With restrictions governing dimension, designers are scrambling to make sure their designs hit the limits in the four most important areas. Head size, COR, 5”x 5” head dimensions and the maximum allowable 5900g/cm2 moi are all vitally important to how a driver performs and King Cobra’s brief was to hit them all. In doing so, you’ve got to say the club’s performance is pretty much maxed out!

The L4V is not replacing King Cobra’s LD driver which launched earlier this year. It is seen as an addition to the range as the company feels there’s still worth in a carbon crown driver. Engineers have shaved enough weight off the crown to be able to locate a heavy tungsten weight low and deep in the head to help prevent the head twisting when you hit a bad one. The head’s also been ramped up to the max so expect it to be über-forgiving.

King Cobra have made some awesome drivers for club golfers in the past and by being available in three different models aimed at matching your ball speed to your driver design it looks as if the L4V has got every chance to follow suit.