Ping G10 Review


Today's Golfer's golf equipment guru sent us this blog directly from Ping's official Ping G10 launch. Here's what he thinks of the new G10 range...

What’s it like to hit…

July and August are two months always rammed full of hype. Ping are the only company who launch new golf equipment mid-season, so when the new designs start to filter out to tour players' bags and press releases (forgive the pun) start pinging into inboxes we know we’re within hours of getting to play with some of the most eagerly awaited golf clubs of the year.

G10 driver:

Plenty of golfers will look at the Ping G10 driver and think, apart from its new super sexy metallic orange paint job, it's exactly the same as its older brother the Ping G5. Well admittedly the differences are pretty subtle, but still spotable by the experienced eye.

I really like the way from face to back, the head is a fraction wider, the half moon alignment aid on the crown is a little less prominent and the MOI is higher, which all basically adds up to making the Ping G10 driver more forgiving and powerful.   

The improvement in MOI isn’t really noticeable when tonking golf balls away but should help the average golfer find one or two more fairways per round. Ball flight is high but powerful, and the familiar crack of an all-titanium head on the ball is as comforting as getting home after a long overseas holiday!

G10 irons:

The Ping G10 irons perform as good as they look! The awesome finish was first used last year on the companies' Rapture irons. Now it’s been chosen as the perfect image-maker for the Ping G10’s. We reckon this is a master stroke as Ping irons in the past have usually had a duller less interesting finish.

Ping engineers have fine-tuned the amount of offset in the long irons which helps make them super forgiving whilst reducing offset in the short irons to increase control.

Simply put I love them! The darker faces frame the ball at address and extra weight located in the toe area helps raise the MOI. Meaning when you happen to miss shots you’ve a better chance the golf ball might still hit the green. Which is a real bonus when it comes to shaving the odd shot or two from a round!

Today's Golfer has the best contacts in the golf equipment industry and we aim to bring you all the new kit before anyone else and in more detail than ever before, so keep an eye on the site for more exciting new equipment launches very soon!

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