Apr28 electric golf trolley BATTERY CHARGER


It has got to be one of the most irritating things in golf; you get half way into your round and your motorised electric golf trolley packs up.

Like a plum, you’d forgetten to charge the electric golf trolley battery the night before and, instead of carrying your golf bag, you thought you’d take a risk and see how much juice you had left from the previous outing.

Now you’ve got to drag that heavy old golf trolley the next two hours, safe in the knowlege that your game WILL suffer!

But the new Caddy Motion mobile charger can put an end to all these woes. Simply connect the beast to your cigarette lighter in your car and see the battery charge while you’re driving to the course. Genius!

And what’s more, the Caddy Motion is adaptable to suit all makes of trolley battery, as well as batteries of lead-acid or ion lithium internal workings.

INFORMATION: The Caddy Motion is available for £99 and for further details, please log on to www.caddy-motion.com 

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