kasco putters


Kasco is to launch a new range of putters in 2008 called the Kasco Silver Wing putters.

The new flagship range of Kasco Silver Wing putters will be made up of four putters made of 100% CNC milled aluminium for a soft feel.

The CNC milled grooves on the Kasco putters’ faces also create the perfect amount of top spin on the ball to get it rolling truer and with more consistency.

The Kasco Silver Wing range also utilises Kasco’s ‘Diamond Tip’ weight technology with fixed weights in the sole of the putters designed to increase the weight in the extremities of the club for higher MOI and to keep the putter head squarer at impact.

The Kasco Silver Wing Putters will be priced at £99 when they hit the shops this summer.

Kasco Silver Wing Putter

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