mini golf driver test


Thinking of changing your golf driver this year? If so you can’t afford to miss our annual Driver test.

Our team of golf equipment experts and testers have been busy testing every 2008 driver over the past two weeks and to whet your appetite for the full Today’s Golfer magazine test, out April 30th in the UK, we’ve compiled this golf driver mini video test.

The quick one minute clip films our equipment editor Jon Greathead hitting the top 20 2008 golf drivers from the test to see which one he likes the best. To find out which he rates as the best driver of 2008 watch the golf equipment video test now.

We’ll be following the mini driver test up with an in depth look at each and every driver from the magazine test over the coming few weeks so make sure you keep logging on to see the serious performance data of each 2008 driver….watch this space!

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