VS Tee Pro Spring golf tee


The new VS-Tee Pro Spring has some very unique features hiding  behind its conventional looks. Most notably is its ability to Rotate at full 360°, within the urethane head you will notice a spring   mechanism which is attached to the base, this combination gives the new VS-Pro Spring  smooth contact less resistance, but with amazing strength.


Located down the shaft are two ridges which lock the VS-Pro Spring to the turf, these ridges also giving a constant tee height which helps maintain a more reliable set-up.  Unlike some gimmicky products VS-Tee Pro Spring claims realistically to be “virtually unbreakable” the VS-Tee Pro Spring is tough enough to last you round after round and beyond, giving superb value for money.

So if your fed up of buying a bag of wooden tees every round try the VS-Tee Pro Spring, it is available in  3 packs of two tee’s per pack of 3”, 3 ¼ and a  3¼ plus 2¾  combination pack  But online from. www.vs-tee.co.uk or though your pro shop.

RRP: £3.50 per Twin pack

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