aldila voodoo


Aldila’s shafts have been massively popular in recent years since a big range revamp with the funky green or orange NV, the blue VS Proto and more recently the red DVS models.

But 2008 has seen the development of a revolutionary new shaft called the VooDoo which has been tried and tested by some of the best players in the world. Darren Clarke is the latest pro to win using it and its now notched up an impressive seven wins on Tour.

So what’s so special about the VooDoo? A patent pending S-core (or stabilised core) Technology is designed to increase distance and provide outstanding accuracy with each swing. The real “magic” of the VooDoo is in a high modulus carbon-fibre stabilisation rib running down the length of the shaft (see pic).

The idea is that golfers using it will gain added stability, accuracy and increased distance from this stonger core. The innovative rib structure increases the strength/stiffness by 80% percent greater than conventional graphite, and up to 60% higher other shafts of this type.

“Since the VooDoo’s introduction on Tour more and more players are switching to and providing us with amazing feedback,” said Stewart Bahl at Aldila. “Although it’s only been on the Tour for a short period of time, we consider its seven wins as the ultimate validation of our new S-core technology.”

I’ve been lucky enough to get my regular driver fitted up with a VooDoo shaft and early testing with it has been exciting. It can sometimes be difficult to gauge differences in shaft performance but the VooDoo feels completely different to any other shaft I’ve used. Why? It is absolutely rock solid through impact and gave me the feeling there was no way that clubhead was going to twist. I can often move the ball too much from right to left and it really felt as if I couldn’t hook it at all. With some more testing I think this could be a great shaft for me and the signs are that these claims of dramatically increased stability are right on the money, especially as more top players switch over to it.

It also looks pretty cool and has an air of understated menace about it which is just the feeling I want to get when winding up to unleash the beast!

Limited numbers of the Aldila VooDoo will be available very soon and prices are expected to be between £100-£150.

For further information on Aldila visit or just speak to your local professional or clubfitter.

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