wilson di9 irons


It would be fair to say that Wilson have had a pretty good summer. Its not often that your top staff player goes and bags two consecutive majors! Unless you’re Nike..

Well, they are striking while the iron is hot and launching their brand new weapons, the new Di9 irons.

The Wilson Di9 irons are a definite improvement on the previous Di7 model and Wilson reckon that the MOI is 8% higher to make these the most forgiving irons Wilson have ever made. Not a bad start you might think, but then add in a more powerful head shape, a lighter shaft for more speed with a wider tip for extra feel and stability, and suddenly you have a complete iron package.

Visually they are pretty stunning. The black cavity insert in the Di7 weren’t to everyone’s liking (as flagged up in our 2008 irons test in Issue 241 magazine) and so Wilson have radically changed the aesthetics in the Di9 and they’ve done a top job. What first stood out was the updated styling of the futuristic silver, white and red cavity insert with urethane to minimise vibration and maximise feel. The heads themselves have a lovely shiny steel finish which blend beautifully with the True Temper TX 99 Superlight shafts.

There’s no doubt that Wilson have put a huge amount of knowledge and energy into creating the best possible irons for the average golfer. Rick Hazelden from Wilson tell us “Our designers have taken the highly successful Di7 and improved upon it in several key areas to create a club that outperforms all of its rivals in terms of distance, carry, ball speed and ball flight. It is a remarkable club and one we expect great things of.”

Combined with the hot, responsive face to generate increased ball speeds and a low profile wide sole to lower the centre of gravity for higher and straighter launches, the Wilson wizards have sneaked some strong lofts in there too, so everything points to these beauties hitting the ball a long, long way. Wilson’s comparison stats with other competitors looked highly impressive and we can’t wait to carry out our own tests and bring you some exclusive first hits videos next week.

Although these are genuine game improvement irons with an oversized head, generous cavity back, wide sole and thick topline, they are really not that clunky and are rather pleasing at address. To offer all those features and performance benefits and still make the club look cool is a real art and in this case, Wilson’s design lads have really cracked it.

We’ve seen a lot of new irons this year but I’m genuinely impressed with these and the absolute clincher for me is the price. In a hugely competitive market, Wilson have managed to price these at a terrific £379 per set of eight irons (4-SW). That is fantastic value and welcome news in a pretty bleak economy! A graphite set costs £429 and they will be on sale from October.

We’ll be bringing you bigger and better images very soon along with our video review and will also have more online news of the 2009 Wilson range very soon! We keep spoiling you!

For more info check out www.wilsonstaff.com

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