Dream Swing training aid


Golfers struggling to get their golf swing on the right plane will be interested in this new golf swing aid - the Dream Swing.

The Dream Swing is a training device that enables golfers of all standards to engrain a repeatable on plane and on path golf swing. The makers say they realise that there are many training aids that offer this in the marketplace and indeed some do have their merits, but they all have one major flaw;  they still allow an incorrect motion to be performed with the golfer being totally unaware that this is happening. 
The Dream Swing, the makers claim, gives immediate feedback when an incorrect motion is performed as the user will either miss the golf ball or have the golf club guided into the ground before impact.  T

The Dream Swing works for all golfers (shapes and sizes) and with allswing shapes (one plane/two plane).The Dream Swing can be used with your own golf clubs, it can be used with or without golf balls and all aspects of the game can be worked on in The Dream swing (full swing, short game and putting).

The Dream Swing is not new to the marketplace and has been around for around 7 years, it did however suffer from numerous manufacturing faults and the user guide was somewhat lacking.  We have redeveloped and redesigned the Dream Swing with the aid of a cad engineering expert and now have a user guide developed by ourselves, David Blair of Swing Build Golf and with the help of PGA professionals throughout the UK, Europe and the USA.  We also now have two versions available, the home version and a professional system.


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