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Ping golf equipment has announced the launch of its new Ping Rhapsody series of golf clubs for women.

The news follows the launch of Ping’s new range of interchangable golf drivers and the company has huge hopes for the two new golf equipment ranges.

The Ping Rhapsody series has been engineered just for women—making it an ideal choice to help lower scores and help lady golfers hit it further than ever before.

And it’s not just golf irons either, Ping has developed a whole range of Rhapsody equipment, from the lightweight, high-launching Ping Rhapsody Driver to the forgiving, easy-to-swing Ping Rhapsody irons, you’ll elevate your golf game—and enjoyment—to a new level.


Greater forgiveness and higher launching, longer flying golf shots are among the benefits of the Ping Rhapsody Driver Series. The confidence-inspiring, 460 cc titanium head is engineered with a high moment-of-inertia (MOI) and an increased face size to provide increased distance and accuracy. Three loft options (12°, 14° & 16°) and ultra-lite graphite shafts in Ladies and Ladies Soft R flexes are available to match your swing speed and optimize your results off the tee.

UK RRP: £239 per club, Ladies Graphite shaft only.


The extreme perimeter weighting and wider soles of the Ping Rhapsody Irons result in higher-launching, more accurate approach golf shots. Combined with a lighter overall weight and wider loft gaps, the stainless steel irons provide you consistent results from every club in your set. When matched to your swing speed with the proper shaft flex, you’ll see how custom fitting and technology can raise your enjoyment while lowering your scores.

UK RRP: £75 per club with Ladies Steel shaft and £90 per club with Ladies Graphite shaft.


Custom-fit Ping Rhapsody Fairway Woods are engineered for distance, accuracy and control. Whether you’re using them off the tee or from the fairway, the stainless steel club heads produce higher launching, more accurate shots to strengthen your long game. The higher lofted metal woods feature a lighter overall weight to help increase club head speed for improved performance. Rhapsody fairway woods are available in 3-wood (18), 5-wood (22), 7-wood (26) and 9-wood (30)

UK RRP: £165 per club, Ladies Graphite shaft only.


Blending an easy-to-hit, custom fit Ping Rhapsody Hybrid into your set is a great way to add versatility to your game. The sloped crown design and low center of gravity position of the stainless steel head provides higher launching, longer-flying results from all conditions. As a mid-iron alternative that’s available in three loft options ( 26°, 30° & 34°), you’ll find they provide the confidence to attempt any shot, from anywhere.

UK RRP: £114 per club with Ladies Steel shaft and £129 per club with Ladies Graphite shaft.

Further information is available at www.pingeurope.com

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