jack nicklaus new clubs


Nicklaus Golf has just released news of a brand new putter for 2008.

They reckon that their innovative new Nicklaus Brass Ring putter delivers a number of key benefits. Firstly, enhanced stability is delivered through the entire putting stroke, due to extreme peripheral weighting and a high moment of inertia (resistance to twisting). The result is straighter putts and more consistent distance. 

The new putter design also features improved alignment characteristics which conform to new USGA size limits. This optimises the golfer’s ability to line putts correctly. The third key benefit is the ability to achieve a truer golf ball roll with less skidding due to the majority of the putter’s head weight being located at the equator of the golf ball.

The performance benefits are delivered through a high design specification which includes an 88 gram brass ring clip that perfectly positions 25% of total putter head weight around the perimeter, a precision CNC-milled aluminum body which is face-balanced, to promote a square impact. 

This looks an interesting new putter which we look forward to testing in our big putter test later this year. Its set at a premium price point and will cost £149.

Nicklaus Golf Brass Ring Putter

For more information, visit their website at www.nicklausgolf.co.uk.

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