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Renowned putter company Yes! have made a break from their flatstick tradition to design some cracking new wedges.

We’ve just received some samples of the Yes! “Bill” wedge model at TG towers and are really impressed with the quality and style. We now want to test the really important stuff…performance, feel and spin!

Yes! Golf MD for UK & Ireland Peter Allison comments : “It’s a combination of our increased presence on the Tour and our growing number of Yes! Golf Custom Centres that is helping to bring credible ‘pro golfer technology’ to a growing number of club golfers. It’s what golfers and club pros want, so it makes perfect timing for us to offer a wedge, it just had to be the right product.”

As we might have expected from the company that brought us the most singular innovation in golf in a generation (C-Grooves) the wedges have a little something extra to make them special.

Japanese steel is arguably the beginning and end of a decent club in the first place, and that’s a given with the Yes! Wedges. Spin control is enhanced via precision-milled hairline grooves on the presenting surface between the primary U-shaped grooves on the club face. The increased backspin puts the spin action of the world’s greatest wedge players into the hands of every golfer.

Add to this the longest hosel of any wedge around, with the higher centre of gravity and greater backspin brought about by this detail, and this also makes a real difference. And even if you do believe that looks are only skin deep, then the glare-resistant black chrome-plate finish rounds off the whole offering with a very pretty face (and bottom!).

Available in 52 and 56 degree versions initially with 58 and 60 to come soon, the wedges feature the Dynamic Gold S200 shaft. We can’t wait to try these out on the course and will bring you more news soon!

Yes! Bill Wedge

Yes! Bill Wedge

Yes! KJ Technology Wedge Grip

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