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Say hello to the dimpleless golf ball that can’t be sliced and costs £60 a dozen!

As always in Orlando, there’s been plenty of wacky and sometimes downright bizarre new golf equipment and gizmos on show.

We’ve selected one of our favourites here – the new Caesar golf ball.

As roman caesars were usually completely bonkers, we think these golf balls are very well named as they are completely smooth golf balls with no dimples and are marketed mainly for use on short golf holes, where accuracy matters more than distance.

“The golf industry has focused on creating golf clubs and golf balls for distance. This focuses on accuracy, control, precision,” Caesar spokesperson Sue Bohle said. “People are getting interested in short game, in hitting an accurate, straight golf shot with an iron.”

Apparently, its impossible to lose as it can’t be sliced and is also very durable. We’re bringing some back with us and will test out this crazy claim!! It’s not, by any means, a distance golf ball, as dimples on the golf ball’s surface increase spin and create optimum flight performance and distance. According to Caesar however, the reduction in distance isn’t as much as you might expect.

“You’ll notice it rises differently and the ball drops sooner,” they claim. “In terms of distance you don’t lose as much as you might think because it bounces longer and rolls longer.”

The golf ball on display at the PGA Show is actually a prototype of the first ball in a planned line of undimpled golf balls, that the company hope will be available for retail in March. This manufacturing process comes at a price, however as the Caesar golf ballscost nearly 10 times as much as standard golf balls to make.

The price, £60 for a dozen, will cost you more than any other premium golf ball on the market and we reckon this is another example of solving a problem that doesn’t exist! We’ll test our theory as soon as we get some samples back to the UK so watch this space!

We’re mystified but if you want to find out more then just visit www.caesargolfcompany.com

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