jan20 nickent 4dx evolver driver


Forget moveable weight technology, that is so last year! It’s now all about shaft swapping and there’s no doubt that the major story in new golf equipment at this year’s PGA Show was interchangeable shaft technology.

Callaway grabbed everybody’s attention with the launch of their I-Mix driver system, whilst Taylor Made wasted no time in announcing their CGB Max Limited driver.

However, another brand also debuting their own system were Nickent Golf, a growing brand in golf and on Tour. Their Nickent “Evolver” driver is an upgraded version of their impressive 4DX driver, offering the ability to switch shafts with a quick turn of a tool. In fact, I found their system easier to use than Callaway’s and although we’ve yet to trial Taylor Made’s, I think it will be hard pressed to improve on the simplicity of Nickent’s innovative technology.

What I particularly liked about the Nickent Evolver is that it allows both .350 and .335 shaft tip sizes to be fitted into the head, which allows more golf club shaft options and will therefore suit more golfers. 

The Nickent Evolver set includes a 4DX driver head and two quality shafts, one designed for a higher ball flight, the other to keep the ball low. It uses an allen key wrench to loosen a nut on the sole of the club that threads into the shaft to lock it in place. “Right now it’s packaged with a low launch and a high launch,” said Nickent “But someone can buy this package and then get 20 different shaft options, to suit all conditions and flight characteristics”.

The Nickent Evolver package, which comes boxed with one clubhead and two shafts, will retail for approx £320 and will be available in the UK from April.

We’re bringing back a set plus an extra exotic shaft option to really put it to the test. Look out for the next issue of TG for more info and keep checking the TG website to see the First Hits! For more info on Nickent Golf just visit them at www.nickentgolf.com


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