CHAMP Spike Rake


Always struggling to keep your balance? Fed up with annoying bits of grass in your shoes? The new CHAMP Spike Rake could be just what you need!

The CHAMP Spike Rake features no fewer than seven spring-action prongs to offer the ultimate in aggressive cleat cleaning.

With a dual level action and tri-radius prongs, the Spike Rake helps to get right among the cleats and easily dislodge even the most stubborn grass and mud.

And for an even closer cleaning action, the CHAMP Pro Soft Spike Brush features a Tri durometer sweeping action to deep clean all spikes, while triple hardness bristles further enhance and cleansing action. In total, a whopping 33 bristles combine to rid your golf shoes of all unwanted grass and mud!

INFORMATION: The CHAMP Spike Rake retails at £4.99 and the CHAMP Pro Soft Spike Brush is priced at £6.99.

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