David Leadbetter Swingsetter Training Aid


They say:

The Swingsetter was designed to help golfers establish and build the four fundamentals of the David Leadbetter teaching philosophy – grip, plane, release and tempo – through the use of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic feedback. This sensory feedback allows golfers to develop the feel for a consistent, repeatable and powerful golf swing without conscious swing thoughts.

Wayne’s verdict:

I think the word ‘frustrating’ best describes the swingsetter. I like the fact it helps you to get a good grip, but beyond that I struggled. In order to get the balls to click apart, you have to set your wrists correctly in the backswing and then unsent them to get the balls to click back together with perfect timing as you reach the impact position – but I couldn’t get the balls to click at all! Although the concept does make sense, the moves just don’t feel natural to me. I’d have to make major swing changes to get the Swingsetter working for me, and don’t think that’s a sacrifice worth making. As for added distance? It’s so negligable, it’s really not worth the hassle.

Distance gained: 4 yards

Price: £65.95

Contact: 0845 0506545
Website: www.perfectmygolf.co.uk

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