senso golf glove


If you struggle to hold the golf club with the correct pressure, then this brand new SensoGlove golf glove could be the answer to your gripping prayers!

The SensoGlove is a special computerised glove which looks and feels like a normal golf glove but has strategically-placed sensors attached to measure your grip pressure 80 times per second. These sensors send data to a small computer attached to the back of the glove! A 3 cm wide screen will allow golfers to view an instant readout to show whether too much grip pressure has been used.

It may sound like something from a crazy sci-fi novel but its here right now and set to change the way golfers learn to regulate their grip pressure.

David Bauer from SensoSolutions told us: “Gripping the club too tightly is one of the most destructive flaws in a golfer’s technique because it causes muscle tension, which itself leads to poor rhythm and jerky movement. With the SensoGlove, golfers of all levels can experience exactly what the correct grip pressure feels like and the results are improved rhythm and timing, higher club head speed and a more efficient and repeatable golf swing.”

When the golfer grips it too tightly, the computer makes a loud beep and emits a loud audio signal, warning the golfer to ease off. We can imagine a chorus of beeps at driving ranges across the lands.

Despite nearly falling off my chair when I first read this, I do think that it’s a truly innovative idea and it has to be a great way to assist particularly tight and tense golfers to get a more relaxed grip and release the power in their swing. We know a couple of people at TG towers who could do with trying this and look forward to getting our hands on one soon. Who knows, it might help them to stop looking like they’re trying to strangle a rat on the tee.

You can also set the computers to high or low sensitivity which could be useful when practising chipping and putting and encourage a lighter grip pressure. This setting can also be changed and staggered over time to gradually modify the way golfers hold the club and reach the ideal grip pressure.

The SensoGlove isn’t some ugly plastic contraption either, its a high quality cabretta leather glove and can be replaced when worn out for £12 per glove. The battery operated computer simply snaps onto the back of the glove and off you go!

The SensoGlove is available in Mens and Ladies (for right handers only) in sizes S-XL, at at a special introductory price of £49.95 until the end of the next Ryder Cup (21/9/08). Not only that, but the offer will be extended by another month if the European team wins. Make that when we win!

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