Leaderboard Training Aid


They say:

A training system that helps you to correct problems in your golf swing, stance and followthrough by giving your body direct feedback on whether or not the movements you’re making are lined up properly. The Leaderboard’s sliding resistance platform allows you to train while swinging a club or performing a range of golf specific exercises, which ‘lock’ your trunk, or core, in position and allow the upper body to rotate around this stable base. This is the foundation of the efficient, powerful action seen in today’s Tour pros.

Wayne’s verdict:

The Leaderboard was the most complex and difficult training aid to grasp. It’s sliding base took a lot of getting used to, and even set to the lowest level of resistance, my stick insect legs struggled to maintain the powerful position needed to make a controlled swing. I think in time I could improve the moves and start to see some distance benefits, but at a whopping £165 it’s a big investment to make – my pockets aren’t deep enough to justify it.

Distance gained: 6 yards

Price: £164.95

Contact: 0845 0506545
Website: www.perfectmygolf.co.uk

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