Snake Eyes Viper Tour Black Driver Review


The Snake Eyes Viper Tour Black Driver gained plaudits from our professional golf equipment testers during our recent 2008 driver test.

The Snake Eyes Viper TI Tour Black Driver has been designed with the highest quality standards in mind and the Viper Tour family delivers the technology and looks that better players prefer. Rich aesthetics, adjustable weights and innovative shaping make it a high-prestige choice for the mid-to-low handicapper.

The Snake Eyes Viper TI Tour Black Driver Head has a plasma-welded 6-4 titanium clubface plate that ensures maximum power by eliminating the heavier weld bead left by traditional welding. This enlarges the sweet spot on the face, allowing for a more elastic transfer of energy on off-center strikes. Three-weight technology (3WT) gives players the ability to customize ball flight. The clubhead comes standard with twin 2-gram weights in the heel and toe skirt areas, with a single, heavier 6-gram middle rear port for neutral flight.

To find out what real golfers think of the Snake Eye Viper Tour Black driver scroll down now and watch our driver review video...