Spherical Blade S-Blade Putters


Putters get curvy now Spherical Blade have revealed their brand new updated range of S-Blade putters for 2008 – all featuring innovative ‘curved face’ technology.

With gentle top to bottom convex curves on the face, Spherical Blade S-Blade putters deliver a great roll by imparting increased top-spin and an impact always above the ball’s centre, negating skid. Also, a gentle heel to toe convex curve across the length of the face, widens the sweet spot and aids forgiveness.

Sound good? We think so and loved the quality of finish, feel and results at the launch of the new collection at the Celtic Manor Wales Open. For a very reasonable £128 these are great value for putters of this quality and design. You can buy them directly online www.sphericalblade.com or contact them directly 0845 555 2525

You can choose from a terrific range of 10 different models. Check them out below:

Emperor (RH & LH)

A conventional blade shaped head manufactured with a durable polished stainless steel finish, matt metallic dark blue detailing and yellow sight line.

Arrowhead (RH Only)

A modern and stylish rounded head complements the curved face. Designed in a two-tone polished and matt stainless steel finish with matt metallic dark blue detailing and yellow sight line.

Crescent (RH & LH)

Heavier head engineered for even weight distribution and maximum MOI. Polished steel finish with matt metallic dark blue detailing and elongated yellow sight line.

Greenstreak (RH only)

Stylish oversized head, but light and sleek with even heel-toe weight distribution to optimise and balance momentum. Matt and polished steel finish.

Swallowtail Silver (RH & LH) and Swallowtail Bronze (RH only)

The Swallowtail is a heavier mallet putter with distinctive swallowtail design and the head shape ensures maximum weight behind the ball with a high centre of gravity. Available in polished stainless steel or bronze finish.

Curvewing (RH only)

Heavier mallet putter for optimal weight behind the ball and a raised centre of gravity. Distinctive horizontal bars aid alignment along with the conventional sight line.

Admiral and Tortoiseshell and Tortoiseshell (RH & LH)

Precisely engineered, balanced and beautifully finished, these Persimmon and Maple wood putters look superb and perform to the same high standard as the steel and bronze S-Blades.

Ladyblade (RH & LH)

The Ladyblade has been designed with a smaller and lighter head – in the same style as the Curvewing – for lady golfers. Manufactured in a durable polished stainless steel finish with black detailing and a red sight line.

All ten S-Blade Putters are available in lengths from 30-36 inches and come with a choice of latest grip designs on the market and a protective headcover. Nice!

Spherical Blade S-Blade PuttersSpherical Blade S-Blade PuttersSpherical Blade S-Blade Putters

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