The Powerball Gyro Training Aid


They say:

Official Guinness Golf Drive World Record Holder, Professional Karl Woodward, uses the Powerball Gyro to train. His 408-yard world record was the culmination of strength and power gained from the gyroscopic forces of his powerball. Simply rotate it with your wrist and you’ll feel the forces kick in. The faster you spin, the more demandign it becomes.

Wayne’s verdict:

At first sight, the Powerball looks like a bit of a gimmick. it’s simple to operate, but lights up like a Christmas tree when you start to rotate your wrist. That’s when you can really feel the gyro working. The strain in the forearm muscles is instant. I could only manage about a minute of the forces before giving in. I’m told the forearms are one of the most important muscles when it comes to generating power in the golf swing, but I haven’t yet been able to equate that to a huge distance gain – just a lot of pain. I think the benefits will come in time. Nevertheless, it’s fun to use and the fact that you can do this forearm workout from the comfort of your sofa is a definite plus!

Distance gained: 5 yards

Price: £24.95

Contact: 0845 0506545

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