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The New Benross VELOCT Driver

Benross are bringing hi tech drivers to the budget end of the market for 2008 with the launch of the Benross Veloct driver - priced at just £99 RRP!

The Benross VELOCT Driver is constructed from 6/4 Titanium, a four-piece Forged construction, which incorporates a classic pear shape, visually appealing to the eye and one which also sets up beautifully behind the golf ball.

The Benross Veloct driver series incorporates Thin Crown Technology allowing weight to be repositioned in specific areas within the head creating a lower centre of gravity to assist a high launch angle with low spin. Precision is ensured through the use of CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) technology to mill the club face delivering ultimate consistency.

The total overall weight of the entire Benross Veloct Driver is slightly over 300 grams, this incredibly lightweight design enables a higher club head speed with the minimum amount of effort.

Loft options: 10º 12º, MAX 14º in Right Hand 10º and MAX 14º in Left hand
Shaft Flex: Stiff, Regular, Lite & Ladies
SSP: £99.99

Benross VELOCT driver