Epoch tees


Evolve Golf is to launch a new version of its Tour-favourite Epoch Golf Tee.

The new golf tee will combine a slimmer shaft and new lengths for easier insertion into the ground with an enhanced construction that is up to 10 times more durable than wooden tees.

And in independent test the US-based company’s tee added distance to tee shots of all kinds:

• The epoch™ improved total distance by 2.81 yards.
• The epoch™ improved target line accuracy by 3.34 yards
• The epoch™ improved ball launch speed by .59 mph
• The epoch™ reduced side spin by 51.67 rpm

The new Epoch will be available in 3-1⁄4” and 2-3⁄4” heights as well as a 1-1⁄2” version designed specifically for use with fairway woods, irons and hybrids.

In addition to its performance advantages, the Epoch also furthers Evolve Golf’s mission to be a completely sustainable company. Epoch tees are made entirely from recycled and renewable materials that are substantially more resilient than tees made from wood, corn or bamboo. As a result, one Epoch tee can last an entire round or more.

“The Epoch’s new, more durable design is great for both golfers and courses,” says BJ Maloy, Evolve Golf Founder and CEO. “The average person uses five to seven wooden tees each round, which wastes resources, increases costs for the golf facility and creates an unsightly mess around teeing areas. Our product helps players perform better and significantly reduces the amount of tees needed to play a round of golf.”

The aesthetic advantages of Epoch have been embraced by world class clubs like Cassique, Cuscowilla, Diamond Creek and Winged Foot, which are among a substantial and growing number of facilities that are replacing wooden tees with Evolve’s environmentally friendly golf tees.

“Since switching over to Evolve’s tees there’s been a noticeable reduction in tee litter,” says John Lavelle, Superintendent of Diamond Creek GC in Banner Elk, NC. “It’s rare that we see a broken tee anymore, and if we do it’s a wood tee.”

Retailing at just $6.95 per 50-pack, the Epoch tee is highly affordable and provides the greatest price-to-performance benefit of any golf technology introduced the past 25 years. A player stands to see far greater dollar-for-dollar distance and accuracy improvement with Epoch than with any other piece of equipment in the bag.

For additional info or to find a place to buy the Epoch tee go to www.evolvegolf.com.

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