FootJoy ShockStopper glove


Not content with being the number one when it comes to producing golf shoes and gloves, FootJoy have launched their new ShockStopper glove to further enhance their reputation.

The Holofibre technology in the FootJoy ShockStopper glove provides improved grip strength, while the ShockStop leather provides maximum cushioning, as well as minimising club vibration.

Richard Fryer, European Marketing Manager of FootJoy, said: “We are confident that golfers will feel the benefit and enjoy the performance of this exciting new product which has undergone a significant amount of testing.”

And good news fo all you arthritis sufferers – the ShockStopper has been approved by the Arthritis Society as an “Easy to Use Glove”. Happy days!

INFORMATION: The glove, which is available in classic Pearl, retails at £14. For further details, please visit

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